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Article Submission

Congratulations for deciding to be part of SCG's publications and connect with the global audience by sharing your stories, articles of knowledge, poems etc.

​Kindly refer to the submission guidelines mentioned below:


1. We advocate original, high-quality content that is free of plagiarism throughout our publications.

2. The content you submit should be centred on topics that are relevant to an individual's total growth and development in areas such as work, spirituality, health, social and financial well-being, family, and relationships.

3. All work submitted to us will be provided free of charge, royalties, and copyrights from the author, and will be utilised to promote SCG's social objectives through mechanisms, like but not limited to, publishing it through SCG's blogs, videos, webinars, book, magazines, fliers, posts, other social media content.

4. The SCG Foundation retains the distribution rights, however each publication will be accompanied with a citation of the author's name. Incase any alterations is required, SCG will obtain the authors' authorization before finalization.

5. There are no restrictions on the article's length. You can add any drawings or photos in your article as long as they are royalty-free or your own. 


SCG Editorial Team

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