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Terms & Conditions

for  Mentee

SCG shall provide, assist, guide, possible opportunities to sincere Mentee or JobSeeker, in getting right type of jobs and inform the under mentioned  code of conduct/terms & conditions to follow in letter and spirit:

  1. As a Mentee, you shall agree & abide by all the guidelines, rules, regulations, including conduct, discipline, do’s & don’ts of SCG, which may be issued time to time.

  2. You shall always show high standard of initiative, efficiency, subordination, compliance towards the activities, tasks, initiatives assigned to you by SCG or its Mentors, time to time.

  3. You shall always treat, obey, respect, respond honestly, truly and timely towards any of SCG team members or the Mentors of SCG, time to time.

  4. You shall always share the right, truthful and honest information, feedback with SCG & your Mentors

  5. You shall not share with anyone, during your association with SCG & even afterwards by word of mouth or otherwise, details about SCG processes, ways of working, trade secrets, Mentors details, Mentees details, SCG Foundation details, administrative and/or organization matters which may be you know by virtue of your association with SCG.

  6. You shall keep confidential all the information and material provided to you by SCG or its team members, or its Mentors or its Mentees or any other SCG associates or by SCG clients concerning their affair to enable the organization to perform any service, task, activity. This excludes only such information as is already known to the public which also you shall not release, use or disclose except with prior written permission of the organization. Your obligation to keep such information confidential shall survive even on termination or cancellation of your association with SCG.

  7. The association of yourself as Mentee may get liable for a subscription or membership fee, which you have to pay as per the laid down terms & conditions failing which your registration as Mentee may get rejected/discontinued.

  8. During the association there could be free & paid trainings, seminars, webinars  which would be recommended to you by SCG. It’s completely your choice to go for paid trainings for which the payment shall be borne by you. These payments shall not be construed with the SCG subscription/membership fees.

  9. Incase SCG will be making some arrangements and expends some money/fee on you for some specialized trainings, SCG shall insist that the said agreements/documentation to be executed and you shall not raise any manner of objection to the same. Such draft documents will be made available for your inspection.

  10. SCG Working Hours: During COVID situation, SCG team is working on flexi-timings. It is recommended to connect with SCG members over Email, WhatsApp, Telegram or phone during respectable local country hours. Avoid contacting before 7.00 am and after 10.00 pm local time over any of the above modes. SCG team are available all 7 days for its Mentees. After COVID the general timings would be 9:00 am – 7 pm IST, all 7 days a week.


  1. If you don’t respond to phone calls or emails or messages of SCG, continuously for 1 month without any prior intimation, you shall be considered as voluntarily terminated your association without given any notice unless you:

    1. Respond back & continue your engagement through attending sessions, carrying out other duties, activities assigned to you within 7 days of your absence

    2. Give an explanation to the satisfaction of organization regarding such absence

  2. Your association are liable to be removed in lieu thereof for misconduct without being exhaustive and without prejudice to the general meaning of the term ‘misconduct’ in case of reasonable suspicion of misconduct, disloyalty, commission of any act involving moral turpitude, breach or any rules of the organization.

  3. On satisfactory completion of your Mentorship Goal and after your confirmation in writing except for the reason specifically mentioned in this Code Of Conduct, your association are terminable either by the organization or by you by giving notice of 7 days.

  4. You are associated as Mentee on the basis of your details provided to SCG, during the registration process. In case the facts mentioned therein are found to be incorrect, forged, this may lead to termination of your association with SCG

  5. In any case of termination, you shall not be refunded with any part/portion of the subscription/membership or any other fee which you might have paid to SCG or its associates.


         1. You will inform SCG incase you get the job, change your job, address or your phone number, failing which any communication served to you on your last submitted details shall be deemed to have been served on you.

          2. Your association will be subject to the rules & regulations of the SCG as prevailing from time to time.

          3. Any legal issue shall be subject to Delhi Jurisdiction

I have read and understood the terms and conditions of my association and will abide them as stated above in earlier pages and therefore confirm my acceptance of the same.


By clicking the "I Accept" checkbox on Mentee registration page, I agree with the above terms & conditions of SCG. 

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