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Ecstasy – The bliss of naam

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Spiritual ecstasy is an ambrosial game of love, satisfaction, contentment, fearlessness, and unlimited happiness which only those can appreciate who have been blessed to experience. It is merely HIS kirpa (blessings) that one receives (SGGS Ang 33). Which as per the current context, the one who is reading it is supposed to be reading it. It is a journey where a person only gets elevated, never descends. The basic question arises - do we know where to start or when to start?

What current management practice advises us to ask - What, Why, When & How

of anything we want to do so that it coversall aspects of it. Knowing what is Ishwar,

Waheguru, Allah, God, Almighty has been clearly transcript in many books, but its

significance and shine have lost in the eyes of today ’s materialistic world. Somehow

it is a blessing in disguise that Corona/Covid and other disasters are indicating

us to go back to basics and start merging with Nature which is so far the largest

manifestation of THAT Ultimate Truth.

Let’s start revising the basics & clarify what is that Ultimate Truth. The moment

we start paying attention to this game, we start becoming more thoughtful about it.

The moment we are thoughtful, it brings better clarity about the vastness & the

openness of the rules of this game. But before understanding the rules, we need

to understand HIM and few attributes of HIM. The ones which I can relate – First and

foremost, THAT Power is ONE (omnipresent, personified in His creation) & is TRUE (no

doubt on his existence & tenure). HE is boundless from fear, bias, time, beyond

birth & death and HE only bestows upon us His blessings.

Few queries which most people have are:

1. We can’t see God. So, the concept of Almighty may/may not be true.

The answer to this is Belief. Now belief is different from superstition. Belief is an acknowledgment of facts we can’t see but experience like air, smell, intuitions, etc. One needs to train their mind to unlearn & re-learn & keep the perspectives clear between belief & superstition.

2. Where is God?

HE is everywhere. In the composition of all creatures & non-livings. HE is that unseen, unknown power, of which every matter is created – for simplicity, we may relate it as The Energy. That energy no one has created but it exists. The potency of that energy varies in every substance or matter. Humans have the potential of activating that energy to much greater levels. In Humans, we believe it is there in our MANN (Mind/Soul). So, keeping our MANN pure and as connected with NAAM as it can, is the true path towards activating that Divine Energy. Mann tu jyot swaroophai, apna mool pehchaan (SGGS – Ang 440)

3. What is NAAM?

The word Naam represents the name, attributes, qualities of any person, object, or thing. It symbolizes its existence, its identity. Naam in Gurbani is used to represent that ALMIGHTY, without finding HIM into any specific name because HE is beyond meaning, attributes of any specific name. That's the reason for addressing HIM, the word NAAM is being used. So Naam represents the 'complete HIM'. When we say we should recite his Naam, it means we should imagine His vastness, His attributes while remembering Him. Slowly with practice, one can always be in remembrance of Him in his/her subconscious mind. If we are able to achieve that state, we will get a glimpse of ecstasy.

By: Gurpreet Singh Kapoor, PMP, ITIL, MBA

Disclaimer: Kindly note that all articles have been submitted by members in their individual capacity.

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