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Sangat & Mann: The kinder-garten concepts

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Continuing with our earlier thoughts on What is God? Where is HE? What

is NAAM?, in this edition we will touch upon the other aspects of Spirituality.

To start with, when we want to experience the sparkle of bliss, we should start with calming down our mental state by imbibing the thoughts of HIS oneness, HIS vastness,

HIS compassion for others. One can do this through Mool Mantra. The moment we do

so, our mind starts getting tuned for a while with those attributes. In these troubled

times, we should do it more often to calm ourselves. We can listen to Naam Simran

which helps create positivity around us. The philosophy of keeping ourselves blessed

is to keep ourselves immersed with those thoughts of HIM maximum time, all the time

may be at the back of our minds. To achieve that, the preparation starts with creating

that conducive environment where we are encouraged and supported in that journey.

In a normal situation, that environment is received from sangat. However,in the current scenario, we can do this online by making a group and doing kirtan, path or vyakhya, but we need to do it diligently assuming that the Guru (Almighty Energy) is Haazir-Naazir (present & close to us).

Sangat helps us create that conducive environment where all like-minded people talk, recite and remember HIM in various ways while also sharing their wisdom, experiences of doing path and kirtan.

It’s like a group of close friends who think, talk and behave alike and everyone’s motive is to support each other in the path of ecstasy. So if one wants some push or support, which almost everyone needs, that support one gets from Sangat.

You can get Sangat, at religious places however you need to be a little diligent in picking up the right people to associate with. While picking up one needs to be brutally honest with one’s objectives. One may or may not get a 100% match so one needs to be selective in the adoption of qualities. Keep in mind that Life’s Journey needs to be traversed alone, and the only companion you may have is YOU.

You may start immersing into HIM later and when You get immerse into HIM, then that state is the ultimate joy, bliss which would be difficult to express. It can only be cherished. But one doesn’t have to worry too much about the results; as one shall soon experience the glimpses & reflection of that state intermittently and that’s the Guru’s Prasad to you.

In Sri Guru Granth Sahib (SGGS) ji ji, Guru sahib, has clearly articulated the importance

of Sangat in “So Dar” baani : har har naam milai tirapataaseh mil sa(n)gat gun paragaas ||2|| jo satigur saran sa(n)gat nahee aae dhirag jeeve dhirag jeevaas ||3|| jin har jan

satigur sa(n)gat paiee tin dhur masatak likhiaa likhaas || dhan dha(n)n satasa(n)gat jit

har ras paiaa mil jan naanak naam paragaas.

The key aspect of spirituality is to strengthen your inner holy spirit. We will later distinguish between spirit & Mann (mind). As of now we shall consider Mann as embodiment of that Holy Spirit (SGGS Ang 440 Guru Saab says,

Mann tu jyot swaroop hai apna mool pehchaan, man har jee terai naal hai gurmatee ra(n)g maan || mool pachhaaneh taa(n) sahu jaaneh maran jeevan kee sojhee hoiee || gur parasaadhee eko jaaneh taa(n) dhoojaa bhaau na hoiee || man saa(n)t aaiee vajee vadhaiee taa hoaaparavaan || eiau kahai naanak man too(n) jot saroop hai apanaa mool pachhaan ||5||

Which means, when Mind (mann) gets into peace (peace from all happenings, peace from desires, peace from pain & joy) and gladness resounds;, then you shall be

acclaimed. For many this state is illusionary, but Guru saab also says, those who have doubts shall not be able to enjoy the bliss.

This is a game of love, a game of relentless faith, a game of utmost immersion and it comes with small steps and practice. We at SCG, encourage you to take some small but consistent steps, as per your own beliefs and religion practices. In this game you will only gain not lose anything. Your doubts will get clear as you step forward, but the only condition is to have full faith. So if you are lacking in full faith, I would suggest you develop that first, rest of the things will fall in place automatically.

By: Gurpreet Singh Kapoor, PMP, ITIL, MBA

Disclaimer: Kindly note that all articles have been submitted by members in their individual capacity.

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