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Time management

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

All of us invariably have the same number of hours available to us, yet a few of us succeed while others don't. Have you ever thought – why? That is because those who succeed have learned the trick of utilizing their time to the maximum.

This ability is referred to as Time Management. It isn't explicitly just for students, in fact, anybody from any social strata can learn to manage time to make progress. It is as useful for experts as for students.

Time management is the main part of planning. As a general rule, numerous students view time as their foe since they begin setting up the plan too late and disproportionately, which creates a lot of turmoil. Therefore when it comes to planning for exam preparation and other such important activities, you need to ensure a proper time-bound work plan.

One needs to make a conscious effort to spend a specific amount of time to perform a task with efficiency, with productivity being the key focus here. The more productive a person is, the better are the results he/she can achieve. Time management also requires a careful balancing between professional life, social life, and personal life including hobbies and interests. From an academic perspective, time management is a necessity. Students have many subjects to cover, therefore, efficiently managing time is an important skill to master.

Given below are some time management techniques to make the best use of your time:

Make a Schedule: Create a timetable of your everyday activities and specify a time for each one of them depending on need.

Remove Distractions: Avoid squandering energy on futile exercises like staring at the TV, motion pictures, and so on. The time saved along these lines can be better utilized for sports and outdoor activities.

Stick to it: Having made a timetable and focusing on all requirements, the next significant thing is to adhere to that plan at any expense.

Sleep Well: In order to beneficially use your time, you should not trade off your resting time. It is vital that you rest for 8-10 hours a day to let your mind and body work adequately.

Waste of time is the biggest roadblock in the path of development. Once out of hand, the time never comes back. Our precious present gradually becomes a ghost that never returns, as goes the saying that “The past and spoken words can never come back.”

In conclusion, I would like to share that – planning is helpful only when it is strictly followed. If you have made an awesome plan, put in your best efforts to follow the same diligently.

Disclaimer: Kindly note that the above blog has been submitted by members in their individual capacity.

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