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SCG is a non-profitable organization with a VISION to promote better and sustainable human & professional values in corporate & professionals so that we together co-create a better tomorrow.

We don't discriminate based on community, religion, belief system, ethnicity, caste, gender etc.

We are working on a MISSION:

1.  To help professionals in their career growth through mentoring, skill up-gradation and providing meaningful career opportunities.

2. To assist corporate in providing candidates who not only have right skills and aptitude but also possess a right balance of social & moral qualities who would be the role models & torch bearers of tomorrow’s world of peace, harmony & growth.



You are our ideal fit as a MENTOR if you are experienced working professional having leveraged your skills and experience to achieve a position of responsibility in the corporate world. More importantly, if you align with our Vision and are willing to invest a portion of your time for the career growth of fellow professionals.

You can be a torch bearer in this noble cause and act as a catalyst in your Mentees’ lives and careers while also aligning with the our philanthropic  ethos .

Click on the button below to submit your profile as a prospective MENTOR


If you are a working professional or looking to uplift your career, we can connect you with a Mentor who can provide you genuine guidance and an informed perspective on your future career growth.

It is our endeavor to provide you with a platform of trust wherein you can get honest and accurate answers to your career related queries and take optimal decisions on the same.

As you progress through your journey as a Mentee, we encourage you to brace yourself as a future Mentor on our platform and make this learning experience richer for yourself as well as others.

Please get in touch using the button below to commence an exciting journey as a MENTEE

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Our Holistic Mentorship Model
(360 degree)

Our holistic growth model is derived from our Vision statement. We strongly believe that a role model imbibes the traits of a well groomed balanced person. Keeping in mind this, we endeavor to support our Mentees in their all rounded development. 

At present we are on initial stages of this initiative, so we have diligently chosen the Career part amongst the other sections of our mentoring model. Our goal is to streamline the Career part by 2020 year end.    

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This philanthropic program is a culmination of our confidence gained from successful achievements of past projects. We get inspired from our Guru Granth Sahib ji's (Sikh holy book) teachings and our rich heritage.

Our team is yet evolving. Most of us are from corporate world currently associated with different MNCs, with collective experience of more than 100+ years in various industry sections and functions.

This initiative is a part of our non-profit, voluntary philanthropic mission to give back to the society of which we all are part of.

Last Updated: 241120



Incase you are seeking support in getting Job, kindly visit our Job Assistance Page or click here.
Incase you are interested in getting Mentorship, kindly visit our 'be a Mentee' page, or click here.
Incase you are interested in joining us As a Mentor, kindly visit our 'be a Mentor' page, or click here.
For any other queries please use the below form.

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Last Updated: 040221

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