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Job Assistance & Recruitment

The VISION of JAR team is to assist human resource industry in achieving intellectual and social neutrality as well as to strengthen human values via hard and soft skill development.

JAR team is working on a MISSION to provide required culmination of human values & meaningful career opportunities to Jobseekers in most efficient and professional manner.

On other hand, provide corporate with the candidates who have right balance of business skills, social and moral aptitude, so that we together co-create better & sustainable world of peace & growth.


For Job seekers,  we offer a free telegram channel called "JOB SEEKERS (SCG Initiative)," where we publish daily positions from a variety of web sources. These positions are classified independently by function. All of these positions are currently available, and our goal is to connect job searchers with government, semi-government, PSU, bank, and other private sector positions. Apart from job advertisements, we provide motivational films and information about our webinars that are useful to our job searchers on this page. You may visit and subscribe to our YouTube channel by clicking this LINK.

Soon, we will launch our JobSeekers Page on our website, where all job seekers may update their information and be considered as PRIORITY applicants.

SCG operates on a non-profit and charitable basis, with members who are seasoned corporate professionals who lend a hand in offering value-driven recruiting to assist corporations in onboarding, enriching, and keeping talent.

Our Mission is to connect corporations with candidates who possess the optimal combination of business talents and social aptitude, so that we may work together to co-create a more just and sustainable world of peace and progress.



Please register for free at the link below. Our goal will be to help those who have registered with us before to those who have not. Registration will take no more than five minutes.


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Corporate Recruitment

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