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Terms & Conditions

for  Mentor

  1. I agree to be a Volunteer Mentor for the candidates associated with me through Sikh Career Growth (SCG).

  2. I agree to abide by the Code of Conduct for Mentors & other guidelines of SCG which may be issued time to time.

  3. A Mentor upholds the values of Sikhism and would not discriminate with anyone on basis of caste, creed, sex, religion and race.

  4. A Mentor will be assigned mentees of both genders and he or she shall follow the code of conduct and maintain the discipline, decorum, commitments, accountability, necessary decency and etiquette while dealing with mentees of opposite gender.

  5. A Mentor will come into knowledge many personal things of the mentees during course of the Mentorship. Mentor promises to keep that knowledge confidential unless it violates the law of land.

  6. A Mentor will only counsel on the career growth and will not intervene into any personal, financial, family details of the mentee. If Mentor feels during course of mentorship that Mentee requires some specific, specialized help then Mentor will help mentee to get a specialist counselling/opinion

  7. A Mentor will present report on his/her mentee once a month to the Core committee of SCG Mentors

  8. A Mentor will not accept or solicit any sort of gift in cash or kind from Mentee

  9. If a Mentor is found in violation of code of conduct or any he shall be asked to discontinue immediately.

  10. Mentor shall not share with anyone, during your association with SCG & even afterwards by word of mouth or otherwise, details about SCG processes, ways of working, trade secrets, Mentors details, Mentees details, SCG Foundation details, administrative and/or organization matters which may be you know by virtue of your association with SCG.

  11. Mentor shall keep confidential all the information and material provided by SCG or its team members, or its Mentors or its Mentees or any other SCG associates or by SCG clients concerning their affair to enable the organization to perform any service, task, activity. This excludes only such information as is already known to the public which also you shall not release, use or disclose except with prior written permission of the organization. Your obligation to keep such information confidential shall survive even on termination or cancellation of your association with SCG.

  12. Any legal issue shall be subject to Delhi Jurisdiction.

By clicking the "I Accept" checkbox on Mentor registration page, I agree with the above terms & conditions of SCG. 

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