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Is our education at par with global demands?

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

India was a country of Gurukuls in ancient times with gurus like Aryabhata, Panini stressing the overall development of the child from the beginning of childhood. The emphasis was more on practical learning rather than written exams at that time. Each day was an exam day for the students as the gurus tested them on skills and knowledge.

But the scenario had changed after the British rule wherein the English language was introduced in the education system. This led to an improvement in the methodology of the previous one . After the freedom, the education department focussed on building a powerful nation. Right from the elementary class, there was a curriculum designed to make the system at par with the global standards.

Education doesn’t mean only academics, rather it is related to learning in diverse fields. It may be sports, acting, social work, painting, music, etc. so, now children are not bound to theoretical books, instead they are exposed to practical knowledge.

We have reached many goals of success; we are ahead of many nations in case of education. Even in some states and cities of India education is prioritized. We can take the example of Bangalore, an IT hub of India; Mumbai, of course Kerala, where everyone is grown up in the atmosphere of education.

However, as compared to global studies, India is still on the way. This can be easily understandable by sending our youth to developed nations for higher education. This is due to various reasons. Lack of teachers, machinery, educational tools, and after all heavy burdens of fees are the factors responsible for the declining education system in India. Many villages are suffering from deficient internet facilities, sports facilities, lab technicians, apparatus, etc.

Many developed countries give free education to kids and they have kept examination criteria to be eligible for any job to be done. Even a sweeper must clear the exam before getting the appointment. It is the best way according to me to keep the population concerned about education. Therefore, the implementation of such laws helps in the growth of manpower.

The US has the techniques to plan their farming before reaping. This is all due to educated farmers. Even Japan is ahead of all, having farming in wooden drawers. We need to work in the field where education is not considered a burden, but a means to learn and grow personally and technically. The highly educated population prefers to reside in developed countries as the government is not focused on quality. But, as the world is growing day by day, we are also reaching heights to improve our present-day conditions. From the last decade, we have improvised ourselves many folds. Our politicians should also be educated to govern our country. There should be an academic eligibility criterion for each public and private job. There are many ways to make ourselves stronger in terms of education. Providing global techniques, enhancing foreign exchange programs, not only in international schools but in all government - schools should be a part of the education policy.

To sum up, we need proper planning to provide good and quality education to our youngsters. The curriculum should be the same in every school whether it is in a village or in a city. It will be beneficial for the migrating students. To make India a powerful nation we need to escalate in all fields. We should have an open-minded conversation with our growing youth.

Disclaimer: Kindly note that the above blog has been submitted by members in their individual capacity.

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