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Let it go

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

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Hi, I am Agamjyot Kaur, planning to do Psychology honors in the future. A seventeen-year-old still trying to figure many things out but atleast I have figured out how to paint! I believe in the universe and what it has planned for me. Since the very beginning my love for art has grown and all I can remember is scribbling on walls and how my mom and dad used to appreciate it.

The question we stumble upon is why do we need to let go?

Why is it important for us teenagers to let it go?

Let’s take a simple example – if I keep holding on to a feeling, like a grudge or hate, all I would notice around me will be the same negative feelings. But if I let go of that feeling of grudge, I am not only liberating myself but I am also opening doors to home feelings like gratitude, acknowledgement and love.

It is a very simple concept that we all, especially teenagers, need to understand. Mother nature persists to unleash its blessings on every weathering leaf that further enriches the sand beneath. constantly reminds us of letting go just like withering away of leaves. As to what the environment constantly tells us? Look for an answer and just wonder why Spring comes before Autumn?

If a flower wouldn’t let go of its petals, new flowers wouldn’t blossom. If a tree would not let go of its ripened fruits, new fruits would not grow. Similarly, if we do not let go of particular feelings or relations we will never be able to grow and find new and better things to hold onto.

If I am holding onto something that I know I should not, my hands are full and aching. But if I let it go my hands are going to be empty and I will have the wisdom and the power to hold onto something better.

Once you let that door go, there will be thousands of windows that are going to be open for you and abundance is going to flow. You just need the vision to locate those windows. It is like a two-way road, if one way is blocked there is no point in using the other road too. But if both the ways are open, one can let go of things and find better things coming their way.

Disclaimer: Kindly note that the above blog has been submitted by members in their individual capacity.

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