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We are a social-enterprise with a VISION to nurture the humane & professional values in the society and create role-models for future leadership positions.

This initiative is for all. We do not discriminate on the basis of community, religion, belief system, race, caste, gender, or any other factor.


1. To assist professionals in their professional development via mentorship, skill enhancement, and Job Assistance.

2. To help corporations in providing individuals with necessary skills and attitude, with balance of social and moral values, who can serve as role models and torch bearers for tomorrow's world of peace, harmony, and progress.


You are our ideal fit as a MENTOR/TEACHER if you are experienced working professional, having leveraged your skills and experience to achieve a position of responsibility in the corporate world. More importantly, if you align with our Vision and are willing to invest a portion of your time to support in the career growth of fellow professionals.

You may carry the flame for this great cause and act as a spark in your Mentees'/Student's lives and professions.

Click on the button below to submit your profile as a prospective MENTOR/TEACHER.


If you are a student or a working professional who is interested in career advancement, we can provide you wholesome mentorship and link you with a Mentor/Teacher who can provide you mentorship, coaching in your career growth.

Our goal is to provide a trusting environment in which you may get solutions to your career-related queries or challenges.

As you advance through your Mentee journey, we invite you to brace yourself as a potential Mentor on our platform and contribute to the enrichment of this learning experience for yourself and others.

Kindly contact us using the button below to begin your exciting adventure as a MENTEE/STUDENT.

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Our Holistic Mentorship Model
(360 degree)

Our vision statement serves as the foundation for our comprehensive development approach. We are firm believers that a role model has the characteristics of a well-groomed, balanced individual. Keeping this in mind, we strive to assist our Mentees in developing holistically.

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We are a group of corporate professionals who are inspired and motivated by Guru Granth Sahib ji's (Sikh's living Guru) teachings and our illustrious ancestors to continue the heritage of selfless service to society through the experiences that we have accomplished so far.

​This social initiative is the result of our confidence built on the success of previous similar endeavours. 

The majority of us come from the corporate world with collective experience of more than 200+ years in various industries and functions.

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In case you are seeking assistance in getting Job, kindly visit our Job Assistance Page or click here.
In case you are interested in receiving Mentorship, kindly visit our 'be a Mentee/Student' page, or click here.
In case you are interested in being a Mentor/Teacher with us, kindly visit our 'be a Mentor/Teacher' page, or click here.

For submitting articles for our Print & Online publications or books, please visit our "Article Guidelines" page, or click here.

For any other queries please write to us at
We are based out in New Delhi, India
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Last Updated: 281121 Terms & Conditions , Privacy Policy   

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