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Congratulations on acknowledging your potential and taking a step forward in sharing it with others. As guided by the Sikh Philosophy of Life, we encourage truth, compassion & sharing of whatever that we earned in our lives. So living by our tenets, we encourage the best and the most ethical ways to promote our Mentees in their corporate journeys.


This Mentorship is free of any charge, voluntary and does not promote any commercial aspects of business. This is solely done as a philanthropic act towards helping our community.

The guidelines are being drafted in this pre-launch (beta) release, so please share your valuable feedback with us and contribute towards building this platform. You can share your suggestions through our contact section on home page.

The end to end Mentoring process is laid down on our Mentoring Process page. To know more about the complete process of Mentoring, please visit our "Mentoring Process" page.

Mentor Registration Form

Let's share & care and start bringing a difference

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