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How to give interviews like a pro? (Part 1)

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

By: Sumeet Pal Singh, Content Professional LinkedIn:

As a young job seeker, if there is one word that creates a great sense of fear, it is INTERVIEW. Most people, especially youngsters, tend to get nervous before appearing for any interview. The primary reason behind this fear is the fear of rejection and the fear of being observed.

In part 1 of this series of articles, we will particularly focus on the emotional and psychological aspect of being able to face interviews strongly. Once you are able to improve your mindset towards giving interviews, your performance will automatically improve.

It is not your test as a person: Many people tend to think that their success in an interview determines their worth as a person and they end up being demotivated in case they do not clear. The fact is that a job interview is a test of specific skills and attributes that are relevant to the job. The job of the interviewer is to check for specific attributes in your personality that they require in that specific job and the purpose is not to evaluate you as an individual.

The interviewer too is human: Many youngsters tend to view the interviewer as a harsh observer whose job is to pass or fail you. The fact is that the individual interviewing you is also working in the organization in a certain role and he or she has been assigned to conduct interviews for certain roles. You may not know that in many organizations, the interviewers are given special trainings on how to conduct interviews. So in a certain way, they too are learning to adapt to being an interviewer just as you may be learning to give interviews effectively.

Think of it as an interaction: Most professional organizations do not refer to them as interviews and rather use the term ‘interaction’, and that’s what it actually is. Most job interviews are like conversations between two individuals in which one of them already is part of the organization while the other aspires to be. One person has the job to know you and evaluate if you have the attributes that make you suitable for the organization. There needs to an easy conversation and an easy exchange of ideas and opinions. If you look at it this way, you will always be relaxed, and your ‘interaction’ will go very well.

We will soon be back with the next part in this series of articles. Wish you luck!

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