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Staying ahead in the job while working from home

This COVID era has been a turning point in the lives of almost everyone on this planet. Where on one hand plants, animals, bird and other natural lives gave humans the opportunity to think about them and show some solidarity for them on the other humans, themselves were trying hard to adjust to these unprecedented times. Many amongst us lost their jobs, livelihood and even near and dear ones to COVID. Most of the workforce was required to work from home meeting expectations that did not see a plunge. It so happened that over a period of ten months, our working space gradually moved within our personal spaces. But most of us have now adapted ourselves to this new normal.

At the current juncture the major concern is how to strategize for better career growth. For this, one needs to assess one's strengths/weakness with the new normal and then plan as to how they can stay ahead in their career.

The recommendations may include bringing some transformational changes at two levels – Personal level & Professional level.


  • Do your SWOT

Discover yourself by doing an honest self-assessment through tools like SWOT analysis. Note down your strengths, weakness, opportunities & threats. Do it on one fine Sunday, when you are relaxed, sit down with pen & paper and reflect and introspect on each of these areas. The list you have after this exercise could prove a precious possession in times to come, so keeping it safe is recommended. The beauty of self-reflection is that it enhances your abilities to cross over your benchmarks.

  • Thinking Pattern

It would not be wrong to say, the future depends upon the constitution & quality of thinking one has. Since COVID has limited our social interaction and we are confined within the walls of our home, keeping a positive mindset has become vital to one’s

mental well-being. There are many tools that enhance a positive mindset – Music, Dance, Exercise, Meditating Calling/talking to friends and relatives Pursuing a hobby that might have taken a back seat earlier could be an exciting venture. Another important

part of keeping the positivity around you is to talk positively & listen positively. Talking positive is dependent on you but listening positive may not be that easy, as you may not have control over others. But in many cases, you can request the other person to talk

positive. Interrupting him/her one or two times, may get him/her to the right channel, else try to avoid the discussion/situation and believe me with that you will be much happier.

  • Physical well-being

Exercise or any sport has always been recommended by many mentors. Sometimes changing the routine is easier said than done. The best way is to have a buddy to initiate this change. Look out for a buddy with whom you can plan & initiate an exercise regime.

Having a pal is highly recommended in this WFH (work from home) regime as you may share issues and take suggestions on the issues which affect you.


  • Build your personal brand

Building your personal brand (your personal image) may require deep analysis of your SWOT from where your “Perceived Value(PV)” will get defined. Your PV will define your personal brand which will comprise your personal & professional attributes.

"While creating your personal brand image you need need to keep its 3 tenets intact – Authenticity, Steadiness & Value"

Authenticity means the true reflection of yourself – your personality, your traits & their past continuity. Don’t try to create anything which you are not. Once you define your PV, define your target audience and differentiate yourself from competition through regular update on your area of expertise. Share your knowledge & opinions on your subject. Enhance your networking and keep measuring your results through formal/informal surveys.

  • Think beyond steady-state

Doing same ordinary things may not yield you extra ordinary results. Think Beyond Ordinary- by demarcating your regular work & your strategic value work and go for a right balance between both. Keep a regular check on your regular work activities & your

extraordinary value work. Measure the impact of both & try to get regular feedback on both. Extra ordinary results needs persistence & perseverance both. Also it requires interest & intentions which comes when you have done its need analysis as why you require the transformation in the first place.

With these recommendations, we have witnessed a positive impact on the career lives of many. The only success catalyst is your CONVICTION. If you have it in you, you will certainly get benefitted.

However, the game starts with WHY. Analyze - Why you want it?

By: Gurpreet Singh Kapoor, PMP, ITIL, MBA

Disclaimer: Kindly note that all articles have been submitted by members in their individual capacity.

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