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Work-Life balance

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Quality of life needs to be an aspect of our job criteria given the challenges associated with the corporate ladder. It is most essential for us to commit to maintaining a work-life balance at the onset hence ensuring that it does not become an elusive goal en route.

The generation that witnessed our freedom struggle and the World Wars were exposed to extreme hardships at a young age.

In the current scenario, however, all businesses are conscious because there are surveys conducted by independent agencies where both customers and employees get to rate their company on multiple parameters which include Brand’s Trustworthiness, Client-centric Business Ethics, and employee-friendly work culture. So to satisfy the assumed desires of potential employees every corporate invests in creating a work-life balance as a necessary prerequisite.

Many employers overcompensate by adding game rooms and beanbags to spruce up the work environment. Club memberships, holiday packages, onsite and offsite parties, interdepartment sports events and cultural shows keep the energy high and the team bustling. Library memberships, training and university affiliations also help nurture and groom potential talent. Infact an entire industry has popped up to serve this crave.

Laying emphasis on family time has never been as high as it is today. We see a constant push by businesses asking the team to head back home early on Fridays and enjoy the long weekend with their family. Employees also need to comply and mandatorily avail their annual leave.

Holidaying with family

Many brands have set out to meet industry benchmarks of funding public charitable trusts and encouraging employees to volunteer for partner NGO’s and proactively indulge in constructive social work.

Being connected and having deep roots in your society and culture is also encouraged. So festivities across beliefs are celebrated.

It’s important to remember that worklife balance will always mean something a little different to everyone. So this is to accentuate and implore on each individual to chalk out their priorities and pledge to keep the control in their own hands.

Cycling to work under ‘Cycling as a way of life’ initiative by Turbanators-The Pedalers

Disclaimer: Kindly note that the above blog has been submitted by members in their individual capacity.

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