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Writer's block- What is it and how to vanquish it

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Writer’s block is not the problem. The problem is not writing. ~ Anonymous

Being a writer myself, I can thoroughly comprehend the situation of a writer when they cannot think of any good ideas to write about. Hence, they find themselves in an irritated & vague state of mind. This state is technically termed as a “writer’s block”. This situation is inevitable; every writer must have experienced this block in their journey of writing. This situation might also conjure you to believe that you aren’t good enough!

You must daunt away these negative thoughts out of your mind & perceive the gist of the situation. It might be hideous in the beginning, but once you get a hold of it, you can get out of your writer’s block very smoothly.

But, how can one get out of it? Well, here are 5 ways in which you can overcome your prevailing situation (writer’s block):-

1. Step away:- The first & foremost thing that you should do in a writer’s block state is to step away from whatever you’re currently writing. There are times that you might want to hone your writing piece, which results in putting an ounce of pressure on you. Just step away from your current writing & put all of your energy into any other riveting realms. Paint a picture, do mandala art, make bookmarks; do anything that fascinates you! The idea is to shift your focus so that you can get some time out & think again with a fresh mind.

2. Do freewriting:- Just for a day, stop making your piece of writing a perfect one. Write something freely, without taking care of the punctuations or grammatical errors. At times, writers tend to put themselves into under unnecessary pressure by checking the minute details in their writings, which, consequently, lands them into writer’s block. Try freewriting for a day & see how you waive the pressure of your shoulders & mind, thus, inspiring you with new & enthralling ideas.

3. Stay active:- Get your blood flowing. Go out for a walk, or dance to upbeat music, or play a sport. Leave your laptop for a while & take a deep breath in the fresh air. Staying active releases happy hormones & refreshes your mind. This, in turn, will release your stress & help you think clearly.

4. Listen to music:- The main idea of this is to divert your mind from the nitty-gritty of perfect writing. Listen to your favorite favourite songs from your playlist, try listening to soothing ones, which will help you stay calm & composed, and make you think in a better way.

5. Brainstorm ideas in bullet points:- Writing down your ideas in bullet points would help you in contemplating your topic in a better way. Writing your ideas down will give you a clear vision as to what you should write about & how to go about it.

Don’t panic if you find yourself stuck in a writer’s block. Just breathe, envision, and then finish writing your favourite piece down. Trust me, by following these you’d find yourself writing a highquality piece of work, effectively.

By Japsimran Kaur (Creative Content Writer, Podcaster, & Social Media Marketer)

Disclaimer: Kindly note that the above blog has been submitted by members in their individual capacity.

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