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As educators, do we foster the culture of entrepreneurship??

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

By: K.S. Ahluwalia, Expert in Productivity enhancement, Personal Coach, Mentor

Need to create a culture of asking questions- and transform students from being passive listeners to volatile innovators. Education should not encourage creating cow webs in the brain, but should evolve mechanisms of liberating it from them. Concept of control should be substituted by the concept of objectivity.

Let student understand the present such that he could develop and evolve it, for maximizing effectiveness, thereby creating his future on those formulations.

Bacon stated, "I will distort nature, coerce it, so as it reveals its secret."

Desist from transforming student as asses carrying loads of books and teachers as plumbers who fill little. Need to evolve students as creative being who possess virtues, human and social skills, so that they can view failures as mere stepping stones.

Globalisation shouldn't be limited to being one big economic market rather it should be one family. The ability to pay needn't be the criteria of offering service.

Present era is of creating wealth creation and not wealth hoarding- wealth in the form of knowledge that by design is to be shared. It's a mindset change where one has to move by choice form:

· Known to the unknown- be the dreamer-one who sniffs the opportunity where none exist.

· Allows himself to fail repeatedly do we encourage them or we stifle them.

· Relentlessly argues debated constructively and prove you wrong.

· Take responsibility and accountability of one self- I am responsible for all that I do.

· Perseverance, patience and persistence are his watch words.

· Think and act,not react.

· Is weird in thought ,action and being-yet he is the change maker and not a followers.

As academicians/educationalist, do we:

· Help him to identify his blind spots-effecting a course correction on real time basis.

· Assist him to understand better the purpose effect.

· Educate him to measure what matters.

· Rework and rewire his art of opportunity such that he does great work.

· Say yes to his potential-expanding wings to effect the light of glory.

· Identify his triggers and atomic habits.

· Lastly, the effect a quantum leap across his thinking and doing domains.

Education is a dynamic process which is based on change- but affects change -it supports change- it inspires change- then why do we desist in supporting change. Reflect when was the last time we did the thing for the first tie. We need to continously rediscover ourselves.

Education needs to encourage creativity and a radical thinking. Simply studying and no digestion make a student mentally, socially, physically and environmentally obese. Ponder aren't we doing the same.

Students are encouraged to hold information to their chests. Sharing simply is disappearing. Result one is frustrated and the other is irritated.

Your call now, folks!

Disclaimer: Kindly note that above blog has been submitted by members in their individual capacity.

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