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Make your spoken word an asset

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

As promised, we are back with the next part in our series of articles on communication. In this article, we will focus on the spoken aspect of communication.

We have been using voice and words to communicate ourselves ever since childhood when we begin mumbling our first words. However, the interesting part is that we can keep developing this skill till the very completion of our lives, and yet remain on the learning path. Let us now discuss the key elements that can make or mar the quality of your spoken communication.

Choice of Words

The treasure entailed in a language is far too vast to fathom in a lifetime. We keep developing our vocabulary as we move ahead in our journey of life. While this does happen unconsciously on the basis of our conversations, one can make conscious efforts to improve vocabulary by reading quality material. An improved vocabulary can do wonders to the quality of communication especially when one if able to select the right variant amongst similar meaning words. It is also important to mention that what matters is not just the vocabulary that one possesses, it is about the fine art of using the right word at the right time. For instance, the words pretty, charming, beautiful and gorgeous have similar meanings. However, their use depends on factors such as the situation and the person whom you are addressing. It is this ability to make the right choice that forms the key essence of effective communication.


Our ability to pronounce words correctly is among the most important elements that reflect our level of education and professionalism to the outside world. In the digital world of today, we are privileged to be able to find the correct pronunciation of any word using a simple search on our mobile phones. The key to correct pronunciation is to be able to break a word into syllables and then vary the stress you give on them. Apart from this, it is of course all about practice and seeking exposure to quality sources such as reputable news and infotainment channels.


Not many of us are aware that a simple thing such as the pace at which speak can have such an impact on the quality of our spoken communication. The important thing about pace is to have it neither too slow, nor too fast. It helps if we get this checked with a trusted friend or even by playing back our own recordings to analyse.


As you may have observed a number of times, when you listen to successful motivational speakers or influencers, their style of speaking is not ‘flat’, in fact it contains many highs and lows. This usage of patterns while speaking is referred to as intonation. It is one element that goes a long way in making one’s communication interesting and impactful. With the use of intonation, the speaker is better able to convey emotions along with the words and this results in communication that is far more effective and impactful.

Disclaimer: Kindly note that the above blog has been submitted by members in their individual capacity.

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